little miss gee is a boutique homewares and accessories label all handcrafted by me.


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    With a love for hand-printed textiles, patterns and prints and a niggling desire to create things by hand, I started crafting my own homewares. Made from my heart – each piece is designed with what I would like to have in my home.

    I’m a textile designer, printer, and digital crafter. You could call me a serious craftsperson with a particular penchant for hand-printed textiles. Did you know I design my range from start to finish? No fabrics chosen from wholesale bolts here… each fabric design is first illustrated by me then either screen printed by hand or digitally printed.

    Screen printing by hand is a technique which creatively embraces the beauty and imperfections of the handmade. Each stencil print is cut from paper, each colour mixed by eye, and each print printed layer by layer. It is for this reason that some variations in print and colour may occur.

    And quality really counts… its about making things properly in a world where most everything has become disposable… So to make sure my range will be beautiful for years to come, I pay attention to the finer details… I use quality cotton, linen and handloom fabric sourced from all over the world, and sew everything myself!

    My designs are forever evolving and driven by colour and shape. They are also made simply for home lovers to enjoy – to decorate their space. I like to imagine all those homes where my products now live after they’ve left my hands, that are loved and cherished – that gives me a heartfelt smile!

    Kasey x

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